Callie-Anne Cooks

Brand Identity | Cookbook Layout

Callie-Anne Gavazzi, a culinary force born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, with a passion for cooking sparked during her time managing a safari camp in Mozambique. From making it to the top 25 on Masterchef South Africa to hosting and co-producing her reality cooking show ‘Callie-Anne Cooks: Into The Wild,’ she has become a vibrant presence in the culinary world.

Project Goal: Our collaboration with Callie-Anne involved crafting a logo that encapsulates her African spirit—a visual representation of her bubbly, larger-than-life personality. For her cookbook, ‘A Love Affair With Food In Africa,’ our aim was to design a piece as bold and wild as her culinary journey. The result is not just a logo or a cookbook; it’s a visual celebration of her passion for African cuisine, bringing the essence of her wild and flavorful world to her audience.

Bambino Range

In addition to her culinary endeavors, Callie-Anne Gavazzi ventured into a new realm with the creation of a baby food range, extending her love for flavorful and nutritious meals to the little ones. Our collaboration involved designing labels that reflect the care, quality, and joy embedded in each jar. Just like Callie-Anne’s larger-than-life personality, these labels carry the spirit of her culinary expertise, ensuring a delightful and visually appealing introduction to the world of wholesome baby food

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